Bruce Benedict (CTK​-​Raleigh) - When Jacob Out of Egypt Came (Psalm 114)

from by Cardiphonia Music



Words: Naaman Wood and Bruce Benedict
Music: Bruce Benedict
(c) Cardiphonia Music, 2013


Dm F
When Jacob out of Egypt came,
Gm C
From people, land, and language strange
Dm F
God dwelt in Isra-el as home,
Gm C
And settled Judah for his throne

Dm F
The sea saw this, and quickly fled,
Gm C
The Jordan waters to its head.
Dm F
Like rams the mountains shook and swayed,
Gm C
The hills like lambs they skipped away.

Chorus (2x)
Dm F
Deliver Us, O Lord
Gm C
(echo – Deliver Us, O Lord)
Dm F
Deliver Us, O Lord
Gm C
(echo – Deliver Us, O Lord)

What ails could make the deep divide?
Make Jordan backward roll her tide?
Why did they leap, the rocky hills?
From whence the fright the mountains feel?

Let every mountain, every flood
Let all the earth fear Jacob’s God
Who turned the rock to fountain springs,
The flint to pools and rushing streams.

Dm /C Dm
Tremble O Earth
at the presence of the Lord
Tremble at the presence
C Dm F Gm C
of the God of Jacob


from Hallel Psalms, released March 9, 2013
Vocals: Bruce Benedict and Barbara Hazelwood
Guitars: Bruce Benedict
Trumpet: Ian Wilder
Keys: Naaman Wood
Bass: Naaman Wood
Drums: John Tabb Miller


all rights reserved


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