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To Heaven Restored: Songs for the Great Litany

by Cardiphonia Music

1. “By the mystery of thy holy incarnation - 1 Jesus, show us thy salvation, (In thy strength we strive with thee) By thy mystic incarnation, By thy pure nativity, Save us thou, our new-Creator, Into all our souls impart, Thy divine unsinning nature, Form thyself within our heart.
2. by thy holy nativity and circumcision; - 2. By Thy first blood-shedding heal us; Cut us off from every sin, By Thy circumcision seal us, Write Thy law of love within; By Thy Spirit circumcise us, Kindle in our hearts a flame; By Thy baptism baptize us Into Thy all glorious name.
3. By Thy Baptism, Fasting, and Temptation - Unkempt Untempted By thy fast and tempting burn away our vain desires Disconnect what sense or passion our egos are wired to Charm us with Forget myself Unkempt untempted Charm us with your self denial; every tempted soul defend Save us by those unkempt trials; keep us faithful to the end By thy fast Forget myself Unkempt untempted (original) 3. By Thy fasting and temptation Mortify our vain desires, Take away what sense, or passion, Appetite, or flesh requires: Arm us with Thy self denial, Every tempted soul defend, Save us in the fiery trial, Make us faithful to the end.
4. By Thine Agony, and Bloody Sweat - By Thy sorer sufferings save us, Save us when conformed to Thee, By Thy miseries receive us, By Thy painful agony; When beneath Thy frown we languish, When we feel Thine anger’s weight, Save us by Thine unknown anguish, Save us by Thy bloody sweat.
5. by thy cross and passion; - By that highest point of passion, By Thy sufferings on the tree, Save us from the indignation Due to all mankind, and me; Hanging, bleeding, panting, dying, Gasping out Thy latest breath, By Thy precious death’s applying Save us from eternal death.
6. By Thy Precious Death and Burial - From the world of care release us, By Thy decent burial save, Crucified with Thee, O Jesus, Hide us in Thy quiet grave: By Thy power divinely glorious, By Thy resurrection’s power Raise us up, o’er sin victorious, Raise us up to fall no more.
7. by thy glorious resurrection and ascension - By the pomp of thine ascending, Live we here to heaven restor’d, Live in pleasures never ending, Share the portion of our Lord: Let us have our conversation With the blessed spirits above, Sav’d with all thy great salvation, Perfectly renew’d in love.
7. By thy Glorious Resurrection and Ascension - Glorious Head, triumphant Savior, High enthroned above all height, We have now through Thee found favor, Righteous in Thy Father’s sight: Hears He not Thy prayer unceasing? Can He turn away Thy face: Send us down the purchased blessing, Fulness of the Gospel-Grace.
9.and by the coming of the Holy Ghost, - By the coming of Thy Spirit, As a mighty rushing wind, Save us into all Thy merit, Into all Thy sinless mind; Let the perfect gift be given, Let Thy will in us be seen, Done on earth as ’tis in Heaven, Lord, Thy spirit cries Amen!


Holy Week has always been filled with the cries and songs of God's people. From the chants of "Hosanna" at Christ's Triumphal Entry to the hymn the disciples sing with Jesus after the upper room passover meal to Jesus' own cries of Psalm 22 from the cross. Music is the gift God has given us to express the intensity of both communal events and personal laments. In this spirit we offer you a collection of new songs rooted in the life of Christ and the testimony of the church to the good news. Christ has died, Christ is Risen. Christ will come again!

The texts for this compilation come from a collection of hymns Charles Wesley published in 1746 "Hymns for Our Lord's Resurrection." Nestled away in this collection is a nine stanza hymn riffing on a section of a very old Anglican prayer called "The Great Litany." The short piece we choose for this compilation is a meditation on the glories of Christ's birth, life, death, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. It is an amazing poetic and theological vision of Jesus Christ and our life with him.

We invited a number of artists and sound designers to re-imagine this hymn as a meditation for Holy Week 2014. Starting on Palm Sunday we will release one track a day through Easter.

"By the mystery of thy holy Incarnation;
by thy holy Nativity and submission to the Law;
by thy Baptism, Fasting, and Temptation,

Good Lord, deliver us.

By thine Agony and Bloody Sweat;
by thy Cross and Passion;
by thy precious Death and Burial;
by thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension;
and by the Coming of the Holy Ghost,

Good Lord, deliver us."
The Great Litany (BCP)


released April 13, 2014

Original Design by Ray Mills
Re:design by Blake Johnson in 2021
Remixed and mastered by Drew Elliot in 2021
Produced by Bruce Benedict for Cardiphonia
All rights reside with the artists.


all rights reserved



Cardiphonia Music

A fellowship of church songwriters that crowd source worship music for the joy and edification of the Church.

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