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Hallel Psalms

by Cardiphonia Music

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Praise the Lord all you nations extol him all you peoples, for great is his love for us Praise the Lord he is faithful His love endures forever and great is his love for us. Sing a song of praise to God enthroned on high, Bow before the King of the angels, His mercy and His love, his justice will be known, lift a song of praise to the Lord! Boldly shout his praise for he has rescued us, Sin and death no more can enslave us. His beauty and his pow'r, displayed at Calvary, lift a song of praise to the Lord! Copyright 2013 Jered McKenna.
I love the Lord; he heard my cries And pitied every groan Long as I live, when troubles rise I'll hasten to his throne I love the Lord; he bow'd his ear And chased my griefs away O let my heart no more despair While I have breath to pray Chorus: Now I am yours, forever thine My purpose shall not move Your hand has loosed my bonds of pain And bound me with your love What shall I render to my God For your great grace to me For all the kindness you have shown I'll lift my songs to Thee "My God," I cry "your servant save "You're ever good and just "Your power can rescue from the grave "In you I put my trust." My God has saved my soul from death And dried my failing tears Now to his praise I'll spend my breath And my remaining years
G C E- C Praise the Lord with glad thanksgiving, for his mercies shall endure. G C E- C D Praise the hope of all the living, ever faithful, ever sure. Chorus C D G C D G C G Hallelujah! His love shall ever endure! Hallelujah! G C E- C While my God his help still sends me, what can man’s weak arm avail? G C E- C D While my helpers he befriendeth, vainly shall my foes assail. (Chorus) Bridge: C D C E- C D Trust in God, more sure reliance than in man’s brief changeful hour. C D C E- C D Trust in God, more safe affiance than in prince’s mightiest power. G C E- C God, my hope and my salvation, who didst strength and comfort bring, G C E- C D Let my heart’s deep adoration aid my tongue thy truth to sing! (Chorus)
C F We are servants of the Lord and we long to do his will A- F C And we listen for our masters voice and cling to Jesus still C F We love with all our breath, all our will and all our strength A- F C And we want to see Christ worshiped and revered in every place. Prechorus: A- G C F So we lose our selves and put on Christ and only boast in him A- G C F We repent of all our grasping strife and give ourselves to him A- G C F We burn down all our ambition, all we’ve built up for our sake E- F G and we echo his fame Chorus 1: C F A- F C Who as pulled us from our graves? None but God, None but our God! C F A- F C Saved us from the burning trash? None but God, None but our God! (Repeat 1st verse + Prechorus + Chorus 1 & 2) Chorus 2: C F A- F C Who has washed, renamed and clothed? None but God, none but our God! C F A- F C Raised us high to royal thrones? None but God, None but our God! Bridge: E- D G/B C From the rising hope of morning, to the deepest doubt of night E- D G/B C From the mountains of rejoicing, to the caves of bitter cries E- D/F# G/B C From the brave emboldened battle, to the scared confusing flight E- D/F# G/B C Let each soul and tribe and nation bless the name of Jesus Christ.
And yesterday we made a little god. He had eyes, but couldn't see He had ears, but couldn't hear Now the work of our hands just stands there in silence. And yesterday we asked, where is our God? Does he live in the sky? Is her far, far away? Shielding himself and hiding in silence? Lord, we've become like the things that we've made and Lord, we forgot how you came to our aid O Lord, we confess we're so easily swayed into trusting in nothing. But he who was from the beginning, He who we heard, We touched and we saw He who was lead to the alter in silence Only he can heal our wounds so our blind eyes can see and our deaf ears can hear and our mouths can be stirred up and shaken from silence Lord, we've become like the things that we've made Remember us O God, and come to our aid Remake us, shape us, deliver us out of our trusting in nothing Not to us, O God, not to us But to you rename, give the glory! Not to us, O God, not to us But to your name, give the glory!
VERSE 1: Am Em E O who is like the Lord our God, C D E Who sits enthroned on high, Am Em D Am Who turns his gaze on all below, C E C Am On all the earth and heav’ns? Am Em E He lifts the wretched from the dirt, C D E The poor from heaps of ash, Am Em D Am To make them sit in princely thrones, C E C Am In royal company. CHORUS D Am Are You the Christ who is to come? D G Em Am Or should we still tarry on? VERSE 3: O who is He whose lowly birth, In ill repute and shame, Assumed the Virgin’s empty womb, As Joseph’s common son? VERSE 4: O who is He whose wretched life, In poverty and want, Received the shepherd’s filth and praise, Within the feeding trough? CHORUS VERSE 5: O who is He whose words refused, The reach of Satan’s power; Who healed the blind and raised the lame, And banished hellish throngs? VERSE 6: O who is He who stopped the feast, With prayers and broken bread? “This fractured bread— my ruptured flesh, “This wine—my bleeding wounds.” CHORUS Are You the Christ who is to come? Or should we still tarry on?
1 G I love the Lord; his gracious ear C Inclined and listened to my prayer; G He heard my supplicating voice, Bm G And bade my fainting soul rejoice. G For this, when darkest sorrows rise, C To him will I direct my cries; G For this, through all my future days, Bm Adore his name and sing his praise. Em Death spread around his fatal chains, A7 To drag me to infernal pains; C I felt the agonizing dart, Cm G And horror seized my trembling heart. 2 G ‘Twas then in my extreme distress, C I called upon the God of grace, G Whose power can death and hell control, Bm G “Lord, I beseech thee, save my soul!” G For ever gracious is the Lord, C For ever faithful to his word; G By sweet experience now I prove Bm His mercy, his unchanging love. Em The Lord preserves with tender care A7 The weak, the humble, and sincere; C Low in the dust my hopes were laid, Cm G But God appeared with timely aid. 3 G Return, my soul, and sweetly rest C On thy almighty Father’s breast; G The bounties of his grace adore, Bm And count his wondrous mercies o’er. G Thy mercy, Lord, preserved my breath, C And snatched my fainting soul from death, G Removed my sorrows, dried my tears, Bm And saved me from surrounding snares. Em Now will I walk before the Lord, A7 A living witness to his word; C With faith and prayer I sought his face; Cm My griefs were great, and great his G grace. 4 G No meaner help, no mortal art, C Could ease the anguish of my heart; G My hasty tongue, in rash replies, Bm G Pronounced the words of men but lies. G What shall I render to the Lord, C Or how his wondrous grace record? G To him my grateful voice I’ll raise Bm And pour libations to his praise. Em His crowded courts shall see me pay A7 The vows of my distressful day; C In life and death the saints shall find Cm G Their guardian God for ever kind. 5 G Thy servant, Lord, is wholly thine, C By nature’s ties, and bonds divine; G From deep distress and sorrows free, Bm G Anew I give myself to thee. G To thee, with sacrifice of praise, C My invocations I will raise; G To thee my vows shall warm ascend, Bm While crowds the solemn rites attend. Em O Salem, in thy sacred courts, A7 Where glory dwells and joy resorts, C To notes divine I’ll tune the song, Cm G And praise shall flow from every tongue.
Dm F When Jacob out of Egypt came, Gm C From people, land, and language strange Dm F God dwelt in Isra-el as home, Gm C And settled Judah for his throne Dm F The sea saw this, and quickly fled, Gm C The Jordan waters to its head. Dm F Like rams the mountains shook and swayed, Gm C The hills like lambs they skipped away. Chorus (2x) Dm F Deliver Us, O Lord Gm C (echo – Deliver Us, O Lord) Dm F Deliver Us, O Lord Gm C (echo – Deliver Us, O Lord) What ails could make the deep divide? Make Jordan backward roll her tide? Why did they leap, the rocky hills? From whence the fright the mountains feel? Let every mountain, every flood Let all the earth fear Jacob’s God Who turned the rock to fountain springs, The flint to pools and rushing streams. Bridge: Dm /C Dm Tremble O Earth F at the presence of the Lord Gm Tremble at the presence C Dm F Gm C of the God of Jacob
Tremble before the Lord. Tremble before the Lord. Let all creation fall down and tremble before the Lord.
1. Praise! Praise! Our hearts they swell with praise! Broken hearts now joyful praise! Praise the Lord who has heard our cries, our words of anguish and grief. For he has rescued his people; a balm he is to our wounds. Together we will extol him! Our hearts swell, they swell with praise. 2. Return, o my soul, to your rest, rest from your stumbling and tears. For the Lord preserves the simple; deliverance is His name! Gracious, he's buried deep our sins; merciful, he's raised us up. In unison as the body, We praise Him with thanksgiving! 3. Remember now our salvation, how our bonds were ever loosed. Forget not his fragrant kindness, and as his people rejoice! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In his midst we sing as one. Our voices raise, our hearts they swell; broken hearts now joyful praise!
INTRO/INSTRUMENTAL: | C#m Bsus! | A E B/D# | | B! ! ! ! | A! ! ! | VERSE 1: | C#m Bsus! | A E B/D#! | You alone stand uncreated | C#m Bsus! | A! ! ! | Sovereign over all creation | C#m Bsus! | A E B/D#! | Mighty over every idol | C#m Bsus! | A! ! ! | Every king and every nation | C#m Bsus! | A! ! ! | Over every king and every nation (We sing) CHORUS: | B! ! ! ! | A! ! ! | Glory to Your Name | B! ! ! ! | A! ! ! | All throughout the earth | B! ! ! ! | A! ! ! | You alone are worthy of our praise | B! ! ! ! | For what our praise is worth | A! ! ! ! | For what our praise is worth VERSE 2: | C#m Bsus! | A E B/D#! | You alone can see Your people | C#m Bsus! | A! ! ! | Only You can hear our cry | C#m Bsus! | A E B/D#! | And turn our wretched hearts from evil | C#m Bsus! | A! ! ! | So You alone be glorified | C#m Bsus! | A! ! ! | You alone be glorified
The Lord appears my helper now, Nor is my faith afraid What all the sons of earth can do, Since heav'n affords its aid. 'Tis safer, Lord, to hope in thee, And have my God my friend, Than trust in men of high degree, And on their truth depend. Like bees, my foes beset me round, A large and angry swarm; But I shall all their rage confound By thine almighty arm. Pre-Chorus: 'Tis through the Lord my heart is strong, In him my lips rejoice; While his salvation is my song, How cheerful is my voice! Chorus: In Him my lips rejoice! Like angry bees, they girt me round; When God appears they fly; So burning thorns, with crackling sound, Make a fierce blaze and die. Joy to the saints and peace belongs; The Lord protects their days: Let Isr'el tune immortal songs To his almighty grace.
In: C D C D C D Am (repeat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- G Am Em D V1: The sun will rise up to praise your name bright and glor-ious day, G Am Em D Even as night begins to fall, still your name will be praised. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- G Am Em D G Am Em D PC: Lifted up for-ever! We will sing your praise! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- C G Am D C: How high, how high, your glory. How high, how high, above. C G Am D How deep, how deep, your mercy. How wide, how wide, your love. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In: C D C D C D Am ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Follow V1 chords) V2: Low, our God reaches to the dust, bringing rescue and grace. For all the weary and afraid, open arms of embrace. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- G Am Em D G Am Em D PC: You restore the broken! Raised from death to life! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- C G Am D C: How high, how high, your glory. How high, how high, above. C G Am D How deep, how deep, your mercy. How wide, how wide, your love. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ C G D B: You lift up from the ashes those in need. Am Em D You care for the afflicted and the weak. C G D With a steadfast love, that knows no end, you breathe Am G/B D Life into the lifeless heart in me ------------------------------------------------------------------------ C G Am D C: How high, how high, your glory. How high, how high, above. C G Am D How deep, how deep, your mercy. How wide, how wide, your love. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out: C D C D C D Am (repeat 1.5)
Intro: Bm A/C# D (2x) Verses: Bm A/C# D (2x) Bm A/C# D A V1 Bm A/C# D Why, O my soul, art thou dismayed? Bm A/C# D Why in these tents of sorrow groan? Bm A/C# On what have thy fond hopes been stayed, D A Still seeking rest, but finding none? V2 Rest in the oath that he has swore, Firm as his throne the same shall prove; ʼTwill stand when time shall be no more, And run coeval with his love. Chorus: G D Rest in the promise God has spoke, G In all things ordered well for thee; D Whose sacred words heʼll neʼer revoke, G Nor alter his profound decree. Bm Rest in the promise God has spoke, A The Promise God has spoke for thee Bridge(instrumental): D G D G V3 ʼTis good to cast an anchor here, And patient wait, till thou shalt see Thy hopes for heaven more bright and clear, Blessed with a surer prophecy.
Our Father, He lifts from the ashes He raises the poor and the lost; He seats them to dine at his table, To feast without money or cost. The lonely he settles in families The barren, a mother he makes; O happy the heart of the stranger Who’s welcomed by this King of Grace. Chorus: Who is like the LORD our God, Whose glory fills the skies, But humbles himself with the broken to dwell Who is like our God? Though equal to God in His glory, Christ Jesus became like a slave; He humbled himself in obedience To Death, and the Cross, and the Grave. Victorious, he rose to the highest; In glory, the Savior was raised. His name above all names exalted; The heavens and earth sing His praise Refrain O Saints, fix your eyes on the Savior And count all your righteousness lost Be found in his love and his favor And share in his death on the cross That all of his power in victory, Imparted to you, may abound And sharing the suff’rings of Jesus, You share in his glory and crown
Chorus: C F Praise our God, for he is good / His love endures forever C F Let the saints of Jesus sing / His love endures forever C F Let the shepherds now confess / His love endures forever C F All who fear the Lord declare / His love endures forever Verse 1 G C With death on every side F they pressed him hard C yet he cut them down G C The Lord in all of his strength F with his right hand C Am - C he came to save us from the grave, F C came to save from the grave G Am F C came to save us, from the grave Verse 2 The stone thrown away now has become the cornerstone The Lord in all of his strength with his right hand became our song and our shield Verse 3 Though dead He would not die though in hell, he rose from the grave The Lord, in all of his strength with his right hand he's opened the gates and brought us in
Capo III In Bb Maj -- G C G Praise the Lord all nations C D G Praise him, all ye people Em D G C For great is his steadfast love toward us Em D G C Great is his steadfast love toward us Am Em D G Great is his steadfast love toward us C D (G) And his faithfulness endures


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"Hallel Psalms" is our sixth flash-mob, crowd-sourced compilation. This collection of songs meditates on Psalms 113-118 often called the "Egyptian Hallel." They were traditionally sung during passover, were sung by the disciples at the last supper, and make a fantastic set of texts to guide worship and devotion during Holy Week (March 25-30).

We hope that this album will be an encouragement to you as you seek to bring the psalms into your worship. We think this collection is a wonderful picture of the eclectic variety in which we can approach God's ageless songbook. May you see and hear Jesus as you sing them.

Many thanks to Dr. Scott Redd for writing an article for us on the Hallel and Christian Worship. This is included in the album download.
Thanks to Christ the King, Raleigh and the Liturgy Fellowship community for the continued support and encouragement.
For more information visit our blog post.


released March 9, 2013

Produced by Bruce Benedict for Cardiphonia
Design by Erik Newby | www.eriknewby.com
Mastering by Levi Seitz (BlackBelt Mastering)
Cardiphonia is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization (through Artists in Christian Testimony) that seeks to encourage liturgical artists in the service of the church. You can give a tax deductible donation to Cardiphonia here. actinternational.org/donate_to_ministry.aspx?min_id=206


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