Nathan Partain (Redeemer​-​Indy) - None but God (Psalm 113)

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Psalm 113 – We are Servants of the Lord (C)
Words and Music: Nathan Partain, 2013


We are servants of the Lord and we long to do his will
A- F C
And we listen for our masters voice and cling to Jesus still
We love with all our breath, all our will and all our strength
A- F C
And we want to see Christ worshiped and revered in every place.

A- G C F
So we lose our selves and put on Christ and only boast in him
A- G C F
We repent of all our grasping strife and give ourselves to him
A- G C F
We burn down all our ambition, all we’ve built up for our sake
E- F G
and we echo his fame

Chorus 1:
C F A- F C
Who as pulled us from our graves? None but God, None but our God!
C F A- F C
Saved us from the burning trash? None but God, None but our God!

(Repeat 1st verse + Prechorus + Chorus 1 & 2)

Chorus 2:
C F A- F C
Who has washed, renamed and clothed? None but God, none but our God!
C F A- F C
Raised us high to royal thrones? None but God, None but our God!

E- D G/B C
From the rising hope of morning, to the deepest doubt of night
E- D G/B C
From the mountains of rejoicing, to the caves of bitter cries
E- D/F# G/B C
From the brave emboldened battle, to the scared confusing flight
E- D/F# G/B C
Let each soul and tribe and nation bless the name of Jesus Christ.


from Hallel Psalms, released March 9, 2013
(c) 2013 Nathan Partain


all rights reserved


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