Greg Scheer - The Weaver of Time (Isaiah 38​:​10​-​20)

from by Cardiphonia Music



The Prayer of Isaiah, Isaiah 26:9-20
Words and Music: Greg Scheer, 2013
Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI


Isaiah 38:10-20
1.The Weaver of Time had measured my life
in hours rather than years.
My nights grew long and my days became frayed
as the end of the thread came near.
My desperate soul took one last look to the heavens.
My final glimpse of the sky.
My final cry in the land of the living.
My finale please to the Lord of Life.
Death cannot praise you, O God of my days,
And pain only curses your name.
From this pit of despair I cry out, "Lord, raise me up!"

I will praise your name. I will praise your name.

2.Forsaken, forgotten, so far from my God.
Is silence an answer to prayer?
surrounded, insulted and scorned on all sides,
My hope had melted in fear.
But you O Lord, are the hope of your people.
My father's faith was not vain.
My mother's womb made a home for your Spirit.
Lord, in your love, give me life again.
All who descend to the dust will bow down.
All nations will bend to God's fame.
But my prayer is that of the poor one lifted up.

I will praise your name. I will praise your name.

3. (a reading from I Corinthians 15:35-58)
Death has been swallowed by life evermore.
The serpent of sin has no sting.
Dark days of despair now give way to glorious light.

I will praise your name. I will praise your name.


from Canticles, released December 5, 2013
©2013 Greg Scheer


all rights reserved


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